light sheet 3B paper in Optical Nanoscopy

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light sheet 3B paper in Optical Nanoscopy

Postby geomcnamara » Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:22 am

Happy New Year,
I came across this paper in Optical Nanoscopy (open access journal) today:

Hu YS, Zhu Q, Elkins K, Tse K, Li Y, Fitzpatrick JA, Verma IM, Cang H 2013 Light-sheet Bayesian microscopy enables deep-cell super-resolution imaging of heterochromatin in live human embryonic stem cells. Opt Nano 2: 7.

Ying S Hu1†, Quan Zhu2*†, Keri Elkins24, Kevin Tse3, Yu Li1, James A J Fitzpatrick1,Inder M Verma2* and Hu Cang1*


Heterochromatin in the nucleus of human embryonic cells plays an important role in the epigenetic regulation of gene expression. The architecture of heterochromatin and its dynamic organization remain elusive because of the lack of fast and high-resolution deep-cell imaging tools. We enable this task by advancing instrumental and algorithmic implementation of the localization-based super-resolution technique.

We present light-sheet Bayesian super-resolution microscopy (LSBM). We adapt light-sheet illumination for super-resolution imaging by using a novel prism-coupled condenser design to illuminate a thin slice of the nucleus with high signal-to-noise ratio. Coupled with a Bayesian algorithm that resolves overlapping fluorophores from high-density areas, we show, for the first time, nanoscopic features of the heterochromatin structure in both fixed and live human embryonic stem cells. The enhanced temporal resolution allows capturing the dynamic change of heterochromatin with a lateral resolution of 50-60 nm on a time scale of 2.3 s.

Light-sheet Bayesian microscopy opens up broad new possibilities of probing nanometer-scale nuclear structures and real-time sub-cellular processes and other previously difficult-to-access intracellular regions of living cells at the single-molecule, and single cell level.
Super-resolution imaging; Light sheet; Bayesian; Heterochromatin; Human embryonic stem cell
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Re: light sheet 3B paper in Optical Nanoscopy

Postby susancox » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:23 am

Thanks George, that looks like a really interesting paper.
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